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Obtaining an Online Doctor Prescription

Wouldn’t it be nice if a doctor could come to you at your own convenience when you’re feeling sick or have any medical concerns? Well, it really is that easy. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider on the internet. Online doctor prescriptions are an easy and safe alternative to visiting a doctor’s office.

Online doctor visits, otherwise known as telemedicine and virtual health consultations, are a remote delivery of healthcare services and can oftentimes be as simple as a video call. Originally, telehealth was a solution for people in rural areas or those who had trouble accessing a physician, as well as for elderly patients who didn’t want to leave their homes. With healthcare innovation and several advancements in technology, telehealth has become a cost-effective and accessible solution for anybody who wants to speak with a physician. Virtual doctor visits have grown immensely in popularity and use following the COVID-19 outbreak, as they are a socially distant, safe, and easy way to see a doctor about medical problems you may be experiencing. Whether you want a new prescription because your toe looks red and swollen or you need to get a prescription refill on a medication you take consistently, online doctors can likely write a prescription or suggest a treatment for your condition and are a great option to receive reliable treatment from home or on the go. While online prescription service laws and regulations may vary from state to state, telehealth is an affordable and fast option for anyone with a medical concern.

What Can You Get Prescribed by an Online Doctor?

You have to see a doctor before receiving or purchasing any kind of prescription, but online doctors can most likely write prescriptions and prescription refills at your convenience if it’s a non-emergency situation or a common medical condition. Online doctors, after a virtual consultation to discuss your symptoms and treatment options, can prescribe a variety of medications, mainly for minor conditions. For example, online doctors can prescribe antibiotics virtually. Online doctors can also provide treatment and write prescriptions for colds and flu, constipation, allergies, pink eye, and minor bacterial infections. They are a great option for those managing chronic conditions who have to get their prescriptions refilled often.

Some patients may require further tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis, and online doctors can write you a lab order for common problems like STD testing and thyroid testing. But not all telehealth providers can treat conditions that need lab tests or more imaging tests. In some cases, online doctors will be able to offer ongoing treatment after receiving lab results and can write you a prescription that best suits your needs; if they cannot treat you, they can help direct you to a provider who can.

Other things that an online doctor can treat and prescribe treatment for include skin concerns, such as rosacea, rashes, acne, warts, insect bites, moles, cold sores, and cuts. They can also address and prescribe birth control and treatment for urinary tract infections. Although telehealth providers vary in terms of mental health services, they may be able to diagnose and treat mental health concerns such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and panic disorders.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Doctor Prescription?

Maybe you’re on the go and need a fast solution, or maybe you don’t want to wait to schedule an appointment or leave your home to go visit a traditional doctor’s office, emergency room, or urgent care facility. Online doctors can make getting a prescription easier than making a cup of coffee, and it’s at the touch of your fingertips. You can book an appointment easily and be connected with a healthcare provider quickly.

There are multiple benefits to using telemedicine platforms and online prescription services, the main one being convenience. Maybe you’re too busy to schedule an appointment at a doctor’s office, or you live in a rural area, and there aren’t many doctor’s offices nearby. No matter what your situation is, telemedicine offers superior convenience as opposed to traditional solutions. Some telemedicine providers are also open 24/7, making it a great option for when things go wrong late at night, and you can’t get ahold of a traditional doctor, or when you need a fast diagnosis and solution.

You can skip the lines at urgent care centers and avoid the crowds in emergency rooms, and from the safety and privacy of your own home, address your medical concerns with a licensed professional. Telehealth is a full-service solution, even more so because your medication may be able to be delivered to your door. Online doctor prescriptions are also an accessible option. Many telehealth providers don’t require insurance, so it’s a safe and affordable option for people who don’t have health insurance.

Many telehealth providers also have specialists on staff. This means that patients have better access to specialized care so that they can see the physician they need to see, regardless of how far away they may be. And, telemedicine often has a patient-centered approach that has greatly improved the timeliness and quality of patient care.

If you have an active prescription and just need a refill, you may not need to set up a new video consultation with a doctor to get an e-prescription. Many platforms are equipped with care coordinators and other clinical staff who can help you get a prescription refill without seeing a doctor directly, virtually, or in person. Some telemedicine services may even help you transfer existing prescriptions to their platform so you can avoid paying for a new consultation, a convenient option for busy patients.

How Can You Get an Online Doctor Prescription?

After you find a telemedicine platform that is trusted and reliable, booking a virtual consultation and getting a prescription from an online doctor can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. While websites and platforms vary, there are generally three easy steps to obtain an online doctor prescription to address a multitude of medical concerns.

  1. Book an appointment. Depending on the provider, you will likely have to provide personal information or create an account in order to book a consultation. You may be able to see a doctor right away, or you can schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.
  2. Chat with a certified doctor on your smartphone or computer. The doctor will go through your symptoms and may ask you questions to find out more. Once they determine a diagnosis, they will recommend treatment and, if they can or if it is necessary, write a prescription.
  3. Pick up your online doctor prescription from a local pharmacy, or even get it delivered to your door. It’s up to you.

Myths and Facts About Online Prescriptions

Myth: You need to see a doctor in real life to get a prescription.

While online doctors cannot write prescriptions for certain medications, like controlled substances, you can absolutely get a prescription online after a visit with a certified physician.

Fact: Online doctor visits are cost-effective and affordable.

Depending on your employer or insurance plan coverage, telehealth consultations may cost you nothing at all. Most telemedicine providers don’t require insurance, however, and do offer consultations for under $100 if you don’t have coverage. Online doctor prescriptions also may be covered under insurance, but a patient may have to pay out of pocket for the medication if they do not have insurance.

Myth: It’s too hard to get a prescription online.

It’s actually super easy to get a prescription online for common ailments and non-emergency conditions! Most telemedicine platforms do require that you sign up or create an account, but it is oftentimes a less painful and faster process than going to the doctor’s office.

Fact: The healthcare providers are certified and knowledgeable.

Although this may not be true for every telemedicine service, most online telemedicine providers have a staff of healthcare providers that are board certified, and all have a medical license to diagnose and administer treatment. Virtual doctors go through a background check and training to accurately diagnose and suggest a treatment option that will help you feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to get a prescription from an online doctor?

It depends on your chosen telemedicine provider or online doctor platform. Many telehealth providers do treat patients who don’t have health insurance, in fact, some don’t accept insurance; however, most online doctor appointments require a consultation fee, and medications will also need to be purchased.

What can’t online doctors treat?

While this varies from provider to provider, most telehealth platforms will not treat emergency situations. Emergency situations include bleeding, a heart attack, seizures, and suicidal situations. These are conditions that should be treated urgently. You should call 911 or immediately call your doctor. Depending on your state laws and other factors, there are several other medications that online doctors cannot prescribe, including some injectable medicines, stimulants such as Adderall and ADHD, medical marijuana, sleeping pills, and other DEA-controlled substances that are at risk for abuse.

How soon can I get my online doctor prescription filled?

As soon as you get it! If your doctor determines a diagnosis that requires a prescription, they can write it online, and it will be sent electronically to your chosen local pharmacy. When your pharmacy has filled it, you can go pick up your prescription medication. If you would prefer, certain pharmacies and services offer delivery to your front door, so you never have to leave your home to get treatment. It’s as easy as that.

How much does an online doctor prescription cost?

The cost of your virtual consultation and the resulting prescription will vary based on which provider you choose and if you have insurance. A general consultation can cost as little as $15, but the prescription may cost more. A longer consultation and further testing can cost $200 or more. However, this is oftentimes a more affordable option than an in-person doctor’s visit. Your prescription will also vary in cost, depending on your health concern. Antibiotics start as low as $8, but depending on your health concern and insurance coverage, the medicine may be more expensive to purchase.

Are there any risks to getting a prescription from an online doctor?

There may be some risks to your telemedicine consultation and online doctor prescription, but the amount of risk will vary depending on which telemedicine provider you choose. Always choose a website or app that is trusted and reliable. Some telehealth providers will connect you with a doctor randomly, and the information gathered during the visit could be lost or misplaced if the service is not professional and high-quality.

There may also be a privacy risk, so you should ensure the telemedicine provider you choose uses a safe, HIPAA-compliant, and secure platform. There may be some risks associated with the diagnosis and prescribed treatment, as it is possible the doctor will not be able to assess all of your physical symptoms. Always describe your symptoms in detail to ensure the healthcare provider can accurately diagnose your condition and, therefore, provide adequate treatment.

Affordable, Fast, and Trustworthy Online Doctor Prescriptions

When choosing where to obtain a prescription online, it is essential to choose a platform that is safe and secure, with doctors that care about their patients. Just because a doctor may not be accessible to you doesn’t mean you should miss out on obtaining an important prescription.

While there are countless options, consider choosing to sign up at Telegra MD. Telegra MD is a top-of-the-line telehealth service that is fast and affordable and offers a low, flat rate for consultations. They work with many national and large regional health plans and allow patients to develop ongoing relationships with virtual doctors and primary care physicians. The team of board-certified doctors offer treatments for a wide range of conditions and concerns. Open 24/7, it is a safe, reliable, fast, and convenient option for healthcare.

It is important to ensure that you see an online doctor who is committed to your and your family’s health. Telegra MD offers treatment for over 50 minor illnesses, from colds and sinus infections to allergies and more.

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