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How Much Does a Doctor Visit Cost?

It’s the scariest question, the one that you might dread asking: how much will it cost for you to see a doctor? Unfortunately, the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed, especially when you need a prescription medication. The emergency room specifically is known for being thousands and thousands of dollars for urgent life-saving treatment. Still, you shouldn’t have to worry about the doctor’s visit cost and other expenses associated with medical treatment when it comes to your health. And, you definitely shouldn’t let confusing and high costs stop you from getting the diagnosis and medication you need to stay healthy and thriving.

Thankfully, recent healthcare innovations have given the United States a cost-effective alternative option for getting medical attention when you need it. Telehealth has changed the healthcare industry, making it accessible in terms of both location and cost. What started as a resource to make healthcare more accessible to remote populations or anyone else who was bound to their home has now become an accessible healthcare alternative that anybody can take advantage of worldwide.

What is Telehealth? How Does It Differ from a Traditional Doctor?

There aren’t that many differences, as in either case, you will receive treatment from a board-certified healthcare professional. A telehealth consultation actually looks very similar to a traditional doctor’s appointment, except it is virtual. The other difference is that telehealth doctor visit costs are significantly less than going to an emergency room or scheduling an in-person appointment. Telehealth doctors utilize secure voice and video calling technology to connect with patients, which enables them to administer remote healthcare. This makes it possible for doctors to treat their patients from wherever and whenever, as long as the patient has a computer, smartphone, or tablet and a stable connection to a wireless network. But even though it’s remote, the doctor will still follow the same steps as they might during a regular in-person doctor’s appointment to provide an accurate diagnosis and suggest an effective treatment plan.

While telehealth is appropriate for many situations, especially the diagnosis and treatment of common and/or minor medical problems, it is actually not a replacement for your primary care provider or your traditional doctor. It is meant to supplement appointments with your local healthcare practitioner. Still, telehealth is not suitable for life-threatening, urgent, or emergency medical situations such as a heart attack or a stroke. In cases like this, it is best to dial 911 or see a doctor in person as soon as possible. Telemedicine services are the best for general health care such as blood pressure control, advice about common illnesses, like a sore throat or the flu, treatment check-ins and follow-ups, appointments for chronic illness and management, and refills of prescription medication. It can help patients who are confined to their homes or can’t get out for a variety of reasons, especially those holidays, weekends, and late nights when something goes wrong at a traditional doctor’s office off-hours. Most telehealth services are open to their patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which makes telemedicine a far more convenient and accessible option as opposed to traditional healthcare.

How Much Does In-Person Healthcare Cost?

This is difficult to estimate, as every doctor, urgent care, and hospital has varied costs, and insurance providers offer various coverages that differ from patient to patient. Without health insurance, a traditional doctor’s appointment is hundreds of dollars, anywhere from $150 up to $600 for just a single appointment. The doctor visit cost, however, does depend on what service you’re requesting. For example, a simple tetanus shot will probably cost around $30 for a patient. However, a more complex medical condition that requires comprehensive diagnostic testing or evaluation will cost over $200 for a patient. A general examination, such as an eye exam for a new patient, will also cost over $200.

The costs of an in-person or traditional visit to the doctor will vary based on a patient’s insurance provider, although patients will probably still have to pay a co-payment anywhere from $20-$50 at the appointment. Without insurance, fetal ultrasound and prenatal care can be over $400. As you can see, it is hard to estimate the cost of a traditional doctor’s visit or a visit to your local urgent care facility or emergency room, but what is clear is that it’s plain expensive.

How Much Does a Virtual Doctor Visit Cost?

Just like the cost of a traditional doctor’s appointment, it is hard to precisely estimate how much it will cost you to see a virtual doctor. The cost of a virtual healthcare consultation depends on a variety of factors, including which telehealth service you are using and your insurance provider. On average, virtual healthcare is a significantly less expensive alternative to visiting your doctor in person. It ranges from $40 to $80, although it may even be no cost to the patient depending on their insurance coverage.

The cost of a virtual visit also depends on what treatment you are seeking, just like it would in a traditional doctor’s office. For example, if you are looking to discuss birth control options and obtain a prescription for a method of birth control, it will probably cost you around $50 to do it virtually. Or, if you are looking to meet virtually with a dermatologist about acne concerns, the price will typically be less than $61, although it can range upwards of $86.

Typically, a virtual doctor visit costs significantly less than a traditional doctor’s visit. This is why telemedicine is exploding in popularity—especially if you’re struggling with common or minor symptoms, you don’t have to waste your valuable time and hard-earned money to schedule an expensive in-person consultation. Telemedicine is an affordable and accessible healthcare option that is available for literally anybody to take advantage of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is telehealth safe?

Absolutely! Telehealth is a completely safe and approved alternative to traditional healthcare, such as urgent care or a doctor’s office. Assuming that you choose a legitimate and trustworthy telemedicine provider, you will always be connected with an expert and trained real-life doctor who will provide high-quality healthcare. However, it is important to warn that there are always scams and untrustworthy websites and mobile applications that will take your money without ever connecting you to a real doctor. It is essential always to look at the patient reviews and make sure that the provider you sign up with is legitimate.

Are virtual doctors real people?

Yes, when you schedule a virtual consultation with a telehealth platform, you will be connected to a real-life doctor in live time. Virtual doctors are just as qualified to administer medical treatment as in-person doctors, if not more, as many of them have been specifically trained and certified in remote healthcare.

What are the benefits of virtual healthcare?

There are several benefits to choosing virtual healthcare as opposed to a traditional doctor’s appointment, especially in our times. Because of the outbreak and global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, choosing to have a virtual consultation minimizes a patient’s exposure to and contact with other people, and therefore minimizes your risk of contracting COVID-19. But even when we’re not in the midst of a global pandemic, telemedicine saves patient’s time and transportation costs. It also doesn’t require patients to wait for long periods of time in a doctor’s waiting room; instead, patients receive individualized care at a time that fits into their busy schedules.

Find a Telehealth Provider with Low Doctor Visit Costs

If you think that telehealth is the right healthcare option for you, it is easy and fast to sign up. Even better, it is free to register for an account on Telegra MD’s website and mobile application! No matter what symptoms you’re facing, Telegra MD has it covered with over 50 health services offered. Telegra MD has a network of expert healthcare professionals, including dermatologists, pediatricians, and counselors. Each and every one of our friendly and compassionate doctors is board-certified, offers over 15 years of experience in the medical field, and has been background checked. We pride ourselves on patient-centered, individualized care, which means that our doctors won’t exit the call until all of your questions and concerns have been answered and addressed.

Telegra MD services are affordable and accessible, and we don’t require insurance to receive healthcare. The virtual doctor visit cost with Telegr MD is no more than $49 or $10 per month, depending on what treatment you are seeking. So, scheduling a virtual doctor visit will cost little to nothing for you. With Telegra MD, you won’t go broke just paying for a necessary medical appointment, and you can have confidence knowing that your and your loved ones’ healthcare is in great hands.

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