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Free Online Doctor: Too Good to Be True?

Everyone loves free things, and how could you not? The idea of getting something that easily and not having to work hard or use your hard-earned money is incredibly appealing. But free doctors? That might be pushing the line. However, the expensive costs associated with seeing a traditional primary doctor should not stop you from getting the medical attention you need. For a meager cost, you can instead sign up for a telemedicine platform for free; online doctors will be waiting to give you medical attention just at the tip of your fingers.

Is There Such a Thing as Free Healthcare or Free Online Doctor?

The short answer? Yes, a free online doctor is a real possibility. For example, hundreds of thousands of free clinics across the United States exist for patients who are low-income, uninsured, or have limited access to healthcare services. Even if these clinics charge a small fee, though, they are typically a lower cost than a typical doctor’s appointment. In order to determine how much an in-person appointment will cost you, call your community clinic, urgent care, walk-in facility, or direct care provider ahead of time to ask.

A nurse hotline is a great option to talk to a doctor for free, especially if you just have a quick question, and there are several helplines you can contact or look into. Check with your local hospital and insurance company to find out if they have this option and what the company’s hotline number is. If they do, you will probably only have to provide your location and insurance plan if you have one, and they will connect you to someone who will be able to answer your question.

In terms of free online doctors, there are a handful of apps and websites that legitimately allow you to speak to a medical professional at no cost to you. You may be required to wait, however, and the health professionals you speak with can be a nurse or a doctor in training, meaning they are not board-certified yet. This kind of virtual healthcare service is best used for informational consultations and to discuss the treatment options that you have. It is not appropriate for an accurate diagnosis.

However, it is important to be extremely cautious when one finds a healthcare service that claims to be “free.” Even free clinics may have to charge a small fee for an appointment or will prescribe medication that a patient then has to pay for. Unfortunately, websites and mobile applications scam users out of money and never connect them to a doctor or help them get the healthcare they need. The good news is that telemedicine is a great option, and sign-up is most often free—online doctors are only a few clicks away. Telemedicine actually works in a very similar way to free clinics because it was similarly created to combat inaccessibility to adequate doctors. For most telehealth providers, the prices are affordable, and you do not need to be insured to schedule an appointment and talk to a doctor.

The only thing that is completely, 100% free is Google and websites like WebMD, which may give you a better idea of what your symptoms could mean. You can fill out a “Symptom Checker” and read the descriptions and treatments of the possible conditions or illnesses they might represent. However, it is important to note that you should never self-diagnose; it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to find the best, most effective, and safest treatment for your symptoms. Even if you cannot find a free online doctor, affordable virtual consultations are not that easy to find.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telehealth and telemedicine are both umbrella terms that define the multiple ways patients can receive virtual healthcare. Whether by text, phone call, video call, or online chat, telemedicine is the remote use of technologies to connect doctors to patients for diagnosis and treatment. Online doctors can treat a range of non-emergency and common medical conditions, including but not limited to the cold and flu, pinkeye, headaches and migraines, diarrhea, and more. A select few telehealth providers do have free online doctors on call, although they may not be able to diagnose or write a prescription for you and are instead meant to be used for information or questions. To determine if your telehealth provider has a free chat or phone call option, check their website.

Telemedicine is not meant to be a replacement for your primary care physician, nor is it appropriate for life-threatening or emergency medical conditions. If you have a more complex condition, think you may need surgery, or would like to get an X-ray or other diagnostic testing and imaging for any reason, you must see a doctor in person to do so. Telemedicine is appropriate for post-surgery checkups, general health consultations, routine health check-ins, the management and treatment of chronic conditions, and even mental health services such as relationship or grief counseling.

There are several benefits other than the affordability and convenience of telemedicine services; especially right now, during the outbreak of the coronavirus, telemedicine is a great alternative option because you significantly minimize your risk of exposure to other people who may have an illness. You also are helping healthcare workers by reducing the number of patients they see on a day-to-day basis!

When you have a virtual healthcare consultation, you will wait for less time than you would have to in order to see a traditional doctor, as many telehealth services have doctors waiting on call at all hours of the day. You also don’t have to take time off of work because virtual doctors can connect with you on your time, whatever fits your schedule. Whether you’re on the go, in a rush, or just don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, telemedicine is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cannot find a free online doctor, then how much does a virtual consultation cost?

The cost of a virtual doctor consultation depends on various factors, mainly which telehealth platform you’re using and if you have insurance coverage. It also will depend on what kind of treatment you’re searching for, as it is more expensive to speak with mental health professionals than it would be to have a general and routine health check-up. But even if a free online doctor is almost impossible to find, the costs of virtual appointments will be less than you may expect.

Are virtual consultations safe?

Yes, as long as you use a trusted and legitimate telehealth platform to schedule your consultation! The virtual doctors you will be connected with are board-certified and often trained and certified in remote healthcare and diagnosis, so it is safe and appropriate for them to administer healthcare services. Also, your chosen telehealth service or platform will connect you to a doctor using a stable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant technology and post information on a similarly secure patient portal so that you know your information and data are private.

Talk to an Online Doctor Today

It is essential that you feel healthy, and if you’re experiencing irritating and painful symptoms such as a sore throat or nausea, it can completely change your life. So, get that healthcare that you need, but for a cost that is accessible! When you’re ready to start your journey with telehealth, consider signing up with Telegra MD. While Telegra MD doesn’t offer free online doctor consultations, it is free to sign up and register on our website. Depending on whether you have insurance or not, the consultation itself may also be free or as little as $49! This means that an appointment with one of our expert staff may cost you nothing.

Telegra MD is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 365 days a year, so there’s never a time when your health is put on the back burner. Our network of expert and friendly staff operates on a patient-centered model, so our top priority is YOU and your health! After a consultation with our virtual doctors, you will leave with the confidence that you received the highest quality of healthcare because the Telegra MD doctors will answer and address all of your concerns and questions. If you are uninsured, the baseline cost of a Telegra MD appointment is only $49!

Talk to a virtual doctor at Telegra MD in just three easy steps. First, sign up online and activate your account. You can then choose from an extensive network of doctors and therapists and schedule it at a time that works for you. Finally, our virtual doctors will ask you the necessary questions and determine a diagnosis and treatment to resolve your issues. Telegra MD is the best option to receive care whenever and wherever you need it. Instead of wasting time looking for a free online doctor, you can access high-quality services at decent prices and handle your medical problem as soon as possible.

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