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md doctor online consultation

Virtual Care Services for Labs

Clinician oversight for nationwide, direct-to-consumer lab testing

md doctor online consultation
virtual consultation doctor

Scale your testing program with confidence

Telegra MD’s tech-enabled network of board-certified clinicians ensures lab test reviews and consultations are completed in a compliant, efficient, and customer-friendly manner.

Quality standards your medical team will stand behind

Deliver consumer lab services with oversight you can trust. We ensure your customers receive clinically appropriate test reviews and consultations.

Built-in regulatory compliance for safe, scalable oversight

Protect your customers and your business. We make sure clinicians meet the highest legal and regulatory standards and your customers’ data stays secure.

Seamless integration for fast, frictionless customer experiences

Easily integrate with our flexible, tech-enabled clinician network. We connect to your existing framework for fast configuration and seamless customer interactions.
A group of healthcare providers
Extensive network of qualified practitioners
By partnering with Telegra MD, your lab gains access to a vast pool of highly-qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. Connect with a diverse range of practitioners, including specialists in various medical fields, ensuring comprehensive requisitions and expert consultations for reliable lab results.
Streamlined requisitions process
Our practitioner’s network offers a streamlined requisitions process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing administrative burdens for your lab company. Through our user-friendly platform, practitioners can easily submit requisitions electronically, improving efficiency. This seamless process enhances practitioner collaboration, leading to faster and more accurate test result acquisitions.

Telegra MD

Questions? Answered.

Who can access Telegra MD’s network of doctors?

Any licensed healthcare business, including digital health clinics, pharmacies, and those requiring lab requisitions, can access our comprehensive network of doctors.

What is the availability of doctors within the Telegra MD network?

Our network consists of a wide array of medical professionals available 24/7, ensuring immediate and continuous access to medical consultations.

How does Telegra MD ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

Telegra MD is committed to upholding all regulatory, legal, and licensing requirements. We have a dedicated compliance team that ensures our platform meets national and local healthcare regulations.

How does Telegra MD use e-prescribing and where can prescriptions be sent to?

We utilize e-prescribing to send the provider’s choice of medication to the patient’s choice of pharmacy.

How does Telegra MD handle data security and privacy?

Telegra MD strictly adheres to data privacy laws such as HIPAA, ensuring that patient information is securely stored and protected.

How easily can our business systems integrate with Telegra MD?

Telegra MD’s platform is designed for seamless integration with existing healthcare business systems. We offer a simple and efficient onboarding process to ensure smooth transitions.

What technology solutions does Telegra MD offer?

Telegra MD leverages modern technology to provide tailored healthcare solutions, including digital consultations, streamlined pharmacy services, and efficient lab requisitions.

Can Telegra MD’s platform be customized to fit our specific business needs?

Absolutely. Telegra MD’s platform offers customized protocols designed to match the unique needs and demands of your business, ensuring maximum efficiency and patient satisfaction.

What kind of support does Telegra MD provide to healthcare businesses?

Telegra MD provides ongoing technical and operational support to ensure seamless platform integration and performance. We have a dedicated support team available to assist with any inquiries or issues.

How does Telegra MD contribute to improving patient experience?

By enabling immediate access to doctors and enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency, Telegra MD improves patient experience, reduces wait times, and fosters higher patient satisfaction levels.

How can Telegra MD help us stay competitive in the healthcare market?

Telegra MD’s state-of-the-art features and customized protocols can provide your business a competitive edge by improving operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and overall service delivery in today’s rapidly evolving digital healthcare landscape.