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Did we meet at HLTH 2023?

Let’s reconnect! We’d love to help you work towards our common goal of high-quality healthcare.

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Amplify your reach with Telegra MD

Meet Telegra, a leading virtual care platform that revolutionizes the healthcare industry by offering a network of experienced physicians to support and enhance the services of other healthcare companies. Our fast onboarding process and extensive network enable providers to expand their service offerings and deliver top-quality care to their patients.

At Telegra, our mission is to empower and amplify the reach of telehealth services by providing swift and cost-effective access to skilled healthcare professionals. Join us at HLTH to discover how your organization can provide consumer-centric healthcare solutions, enhance customer loyalty, and deliver high-quality virtual care at scale. Schedule a meeting with Telegra and explore the future of healthcare.

“The best virtual healthcare service”

“Unmatched care for my allergies. Booking a virtual consultation was a breeze, and the practitioner I met with was incredibly knowledgeable and understanding. This was a quick and easy solution to my issues.”

Jerry M, Phoenix, AZ