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Ask a Doctor Online About Your Medical Concerns

Concierge, in-home medical care used to be an expensive luxury. Thankfully, telemedicine has made huge advancements in the recent past that have made it easy to get affordable medical help online. Whether you want to text, video call, or chat, there are countless providers who will give you access to a doctor and medical assistance online. If you or your loved ones are experiencing minor or common illnesses or conditions, you can easily ask a doctor online to diagnose and treat your symptoms. Address your irritating medical condition or get peace of mind about your health by scheduling a consultation with a virtual doctor who will come to you at your convenience.

The Basics of Telemedicine

Maybe you don’t want to go to a doctor’s office because it’s far away, because it’s crowded, or because you can’t travel to a medical office. For whatever reason, you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home; telemedicine offers a viable solution. They bring a doctor conveniently to you, whenever it fits into your schedule, so that you can get the necessary medical attention you may need. Telemedicine is used interchangeably with telehealth and is actually an umbrella term for remote healthcare services; it covers all the ways that a patient could receive medical care virtually, whether through a phone call, video call, online chat, or a telemedicine app.

Virtual doctors are able to treat a variety of medical conditions, although the specific services offered will vary from provider to provider. Generally, telehealth providers can diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, including but not limited to colds and flu, rashes, acne, and mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, UTIs, and ear infections. And, in most cases, they can write you a prescription, if deemed necessary by the doctor, to either be picked up at your local pharmacy or to be delivered to your front door. Double-check with your chosen telehealth provider, insurance plan, and local and state legislation to determine specific regulations and prescription requirements.

Telemedicine is an innovative approach to your healthcare and offers more convenience and privacy than a typical in-office medical appointment. Most telemedicine providers also offer immediate appointment availability, making it a faster and more affordable option than scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Telemedicine is not, however, meant to replace your primary care physician, and is not appropriate for the treatment of urgent or life-threatening situations. If you’re experiencing an emergency medical condition, you should never ask a doctor online for treatment and should seek in-person medical attention at a hospital or urgent care center immediately.

Ways to Ask a Doctor Online

There are multiple ways to get your medical concerns addressed, and you can ask a doctor a question online. You can video chat, text, online chat, or even make a voice call. There are several virtual healthcare providers that will ask patients to answer an online questionnaire and submit it to a doctor to review and respond with a recommendation. Most telehealth providers will also have a “Chat” option to connect you with licensed medical professionals without video, who will determine whether or not you need a virtual video conferencing consultation. Several telehealth services have a 24/7 hotline number that can connect you to a licensed medical professional at your ease and convenience via voice call. There are several other free hotlines as well, which are most commonly found at individual hospitals. If you want to chat with a doctor online or through an app, this is also an option, and most providers will allow you to send real-time photos or videos to ensure an accurate diagnosis. There are also several chat boards and websites that allow you to post public questions that doctors respond to and answer.

In most situations, it is recommended that you schedule a virtual video-conferencing consultation with your online doctor. While it may be faster and more effective to utilize an online chat without video to address common and simple questions, if you want a more accurate diagnosis for your specific concerns, you should choose to schedule a video call. This will allow the doctor to ask you real questions, see you in person, and maybe offer a more private solution than posting on a public board or typing your symptoms into a chat.

How to Chat with a Doctor Online          

It is easy and fast to ask a doctor online about your medical concerns and conditions. Most telehealth providers will require you to sign up or create an account on their website or smartphone application in order to be connected with a doctor. Before choosing a telehealth provider, you may also want to consider if they have a pay-per-consult model, or if they have membership plan options that could lower the price of a virtual doctor consultation.

The most common and effective way to ask a doctor online about healthcare is through video chat or a video call. When you sign up for a telehealth provider with your personal information and insurance information, you will be able to schedule an appointment by following the telehealth website or app’s directions. You may have to fill out several questions clarifying the reason for the appointment and the symptoms you’re experiencing for the doctor to review before the consultation, but this depends on the provider. For some providers, if a doctor doesn’t feel that a video consultation is necessary after initial questions and explanations, they will be able to send a diagnosis and treatment suggestions via chat without a video call.

If you are scheduling a video consultation, choose a time that works for you and fits into your schedule, and you will receive a follow-up email with steps to follow when the time comes for your appointment. Most likely, there will be a link to click through within the email that will connect you to a doctor via HIPAA-compliant, secure video-conferencing technology. The doctor will ask you more questions, and it is important to answer the virtual doctor’s questions with complete honesty. You should always know the timeline of your symptoms and the name of your current medication(s) if you have any in order to give your online doctor a complete overview of the situation. After the short video call, the doctor will suggest treatment and write a prescription if your diagnosis calls for medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to chat with a doctor online?

The cost depends on your insurance coverage plan and your chosen telehealth provider. While there are several free services to chat with a doctor online, many of these have hidden costs and fees or may not provide the best quality of healthcare. If you have insurance, a telehealth consultation may cost you nothing, but if you do not, they typically start at an affordable rate of $25.

Do I need insurance to ask a doctor a medical question online?

Definitely not! There are several virtual healthcare services that do not require patients to have insurance, and some providers don’t even accept insurance. While the cost of the consultation may be higher if you don’t have insurance, insurance is not necessary to access virtual healthcare and get your questions answered quickly for an affordable price.

Are virtual healthcare consultations safe?

Absolutely, assuming you are using a trustworthy and legitimate telehealth service. Always check that the provider utilizes HIPAA-compliant software and a secure platform and that the doctors on staff are background-checked, board-certified, and licensed medical professionals. As long as you choose a good provider, the doctors you see are just as qualified as in-person doctors to administer healthcare, diagnose patients, and write prescriptions. More likely than not, the doctors you visit online will have extra certifications to effectively practice remote healthcare.

How long does it take to ask a doctor online?

This is typically a much faster and painless solution than asking a doctor in-office, where you might have to schedule an appointment multiple weeks in advance and wait in a crowded room. A video or chat consultation will only take an average of 15 minutes to address your more general medical concerns and will be closer to 45 minutes if it addresses mental health concerns, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Ask a Telegra MD Doctor!

Asking a doctor online can save you a trip to an urgent care facility or emergency room. Don’t let your medical conditions and illnesses go unaddressed and undiagnosed. Ask a Telegra MD doctor online today.

With immediate appointment availability and a network of board-certified, licensed, and experienced doctors, Telegra MD is a high-quality telehealth provider that offers services for over 50 minor illnesses and conditions. We utilize a secure, HIPAA-compliant server that keeps your data and information private and are open 24/7/365 to help you in any way we can.

When you’re choosing which virtual healthcare provider to sign up for, it is essential to ensure that you choose an online doctor who is committed to your and your family’s health. Telegra MD will give you individualized, caring, and real medical advice. At Telegra MD, you and your health come first.

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