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Nationwide Provider Group for Health Brands

Power your telehealth brand with our 50 state online provider group

We work with

Digital Health Companies

Telegra stands as a pioneering partner, offering comprehensive virtual care services to enhance your digital health solutions. Our nationwide network of healthcare professionals delivers seamless, high-quality care, integrating effortlessly with your platforms to expand your offerings.

We work with

Lab Companies

At Telegra, we specialize in streamlining lab processes with our comprehensive virtual care solutions, capable of managing lab requisitions across all 50 states. Our platform facilitates an unparalleled connection between patients, healthcare providers, and laboratories, ensuring that lab services are more accessible and efficient.

We work with

Pharmaceutical Companies

Telegra revolutionizes how pharmaceutical products reach the market by providing an extensive clinical workforce to support nationwide product launches. Our collaboration offers pharmaceutical companies a strategic advantage, ensuring their innovations are supported by professional clinical insights and accessible care.

We work with

Weight Management Companies

Telegra empowers weight management companies to broaden their operations nationwide, leveraging PharmacyConnect and an extensive clinical workforce.

No Monthly Fees

We believe in transparent pricing without hidden costs. We ensure you only pay for the services you need.

API and Code Integration

We offer seamless integration options, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems.

White-Labeled & Customizable

With Telegra, you have the flexibility to customize our services to match your brand identity.

E-commerce Integration

We seamlessly integrate with various e-commerce platforms, expanding your reach and enhancing the customer experience.

API and webseamless integration

High-tech and low-tech Integrations to power your telehealth workflows. White-Labelled, Customized Workflows, Webhooks For Days…..

States covered with our medical experts.

Patients treated last year.

Startup friendly

Simplify. Integrate. Deliver.

Virtual Medicine for your growing business.

Whether launching a national telehealth platform or just getting started, let us legitimize your telehealth offering.

  • 1 Month or Less

    Seamlessly integrate fast.

  • No developers, No Problem

    Low or No Code Integrations.

  • Your Brand, Our Clinical Power

    White Labeled Solutions

  • 50 Statewide Clinical Workforce

    Connecting healthcare providers nationwide.

  • 50 Statewide Pharmacy Solutions

    Integrated medication and health products procurement and shipping.

  • 50 Statewide Legal Framework

    Robust and cohesive legal structure.

Work with us

    Learn how Telegra adds value to your business

    Here’s how Telegra can help grow your business with medical practitioners on demand, white labeled to your brand. We’ll take care of everything.

    FAQ’s about Telegra

    Questions? Answered.

    Who can access Telegra MD’s network of doctors?
    Any licensed healthcare business, including digital health clinics, pharmacies, and those requiring lab requisitions, can access our comprehensive network of doctors.
    What is the availability of doctors within the Telegra MD network?
    Our network consists of a wide array of medical professionals available 24/7, ensuring immediate and continuous access to medical consultations.
    How does Telegra MD ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?
    Telegra MD is committed to upholding all regulatory, legal, and licensing requirements. We have a dedicated compliance team that ensures our platform meets national and local healthcare regulations.
    How does Telegra MD use e-prescribing and where can prescriptions be sent to?
    We utilize e-prescribing to send the provider’s choice of medication to the patient’s choice of pharmacy.
    How does Telegra MD handle data security and privacy?
    Telegra MD strictly adheres to data privacy laws such as HIPAA, ensuring that patient information is securely stored and protected.
    How easily can our business systems integrate with Telegra MD?
    Telegra MD’s platform is designed for seamless integration with existing healthcare business systems. We offer a simple and efficient onboarding process to ensure smooth transitions.
    What technology solutions does Telegra MD offer?
    Telegra MD leverages modern technology to provide tailored healthcare solutions, including digital consultations, streamlined pharmacy services, and efficient lab requisitions.
    Can Telegra MD’s platform be customized to fit our specific business needs?
    Absolutely. Telegra MD’s platform offers customized protocols designed to match the unique needs and demands of your business, ensuring maximum efficiency and patient satisfaction.
    What kind of support does Telegra MD provide to healthcare businesses?
    Telegra MD provides ongoing technical and operational support to ensure seamless platform integration and performance. We have a dedicated support team available to assist with any inquiries or issues.
    How does Telegra MD contribute to improving patient experience?
    By enabling immediate access to doctors and enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency, Telegra MD improves patient experience, reduces wait times, and fosters higher patient satisfaction levels.
    How can Telegra MD help us stay competitive in the healthcare market?
    Telegra MD’s state-of-the-art features and customized protocols can provide your business a competitive edge by improving operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and overall service delivery in today’s rapidly evolving digital healthcare landscape.